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In the recent years mobile gaming has evolved so far, and they are very much developed in case of graphics story, gameplay and all the other things, especially the online multiplayer games. ROBLOX is an amazing platform that has hundreds of free to play games, and they are very much entertaining as well as engaging and suppose if you are getting bored with one game then another one is ready to be played instantly without even downloading them.

The best part about Roblox, they are free to play and can be played with our friends online even when are sitting at their own place. The games available in the Mobile App of Roblox is a multi-platform supported game it can be played on Mobile, PC and other gaming platforms with single account, and all the performances that you have done is saved in your Roblox account that can accessed in single tap by logging in to your account.

Roblox Mod Apk

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a free to play gaming platform where you can play hundreds of games online for free without downloading them. It is a multi-platform universe means you can play it on Mobile, PC, and other gaming platforms. In Google Play Store the app has over 500M+ installation and 25M+ reviews with the 4.5-star rating which is really a massive number. It is 100% free to play, and you can store your gaming experience in a single account for all platforms.

There are many similar platforms like Roblox where games can be played without downloading. In most of the platform, there are lots of advertisements and annoying banners which distracts the players from focusing on the game, so in this case Roblox is the best solution. To relax and enjoy, this app is a good to go tool where you can play interesting games.

If you have ever played Minecraft game then Roblox is going to be very similar for you because the character of this game is very much similar to the character in Minecraft, and it can be also decorated just like the character of the Minecraft game with many skins, hairstyle, face, outfit, emote and many more items that will relate you to Minecraft game.

Key Highlights

  1. Free To Play
  2. Play Games Without Downloading
  3. Online Multiplayer Game
  4. Easy controls
  5. Decorate Character
  6. Make Friends

Why Roblox is The Best

On the web you will find dozens of platforms that have the facility to play games without downloading for free but why it is the best gaming application. On Roblox there are lots and lots of facilities available which is not available on almost all the platforms. Almost none of the similar platform has the feature to play online with friends, decorate our characters, and do a lot with it.

Second, the game is free to play, and it can be played on every available gaming platforms let it Mobile, PC, and all the other platforms. By creating an account, all your progress is stored in it and can be accessed in single sign in. The developers at Roblox are doing a really great job and adding new games to it which are in trend.


Here are some of the highlighted features available in the Roblox gaming app for mobile that you will be getting if downloading.

1 Free To Play

Even after so many interesting games, feature to play online on their server without any charges and downloading the game, it is completely free of cost. For playing and downloading any game at this platform, you don’t need to pay anything or purchase any items in the game. Whichever game you like to play is available for free to play. Items can be purchased that is Robux coin available in the game store by which player can do a lot of things. Robux is nothing but the in-game currency purchased from real money in the game to purchase in-game items offered by the developers (Skin, Emote, Outfits, Other materials to decorate your character).

2 Play Games Without Downloading

The games available in this app are not only free to play, but there is another plus point, you don’t need to download them separately. This is actually a good thing that you are not using device storage by downloading more games and applications. Just install this single app, and you are ready to enjoy dozens of games online without downloading any game. It works on online servers so in order to access them you will need some internet connection which is necessary to reach at that server in order to get access to the games. From the list, you can play anyone you like to play without any issue.

3 Online Multiplayer Game

In this modern time, almost every player look for Multiplayer games and that’s what you get here. At Roblox create one account add your friends with whom you want to enjoy the game, choose your favorite game and start playing with your friends online. It is like a social media platform to connect with new people and build strong bonding while enjoying interesting games of similar choices at a time in a group. There are more facilities available when you play online with friends. Not only our known can play with us, but some unknown people can also connect and play together and become friends through games. So enjoy the games, make friends and be happy by playing in a team.

4 Easy Controls

If you play any game they have some kind of complex controls which is not easy to master easily, which is totally different in this. Here, controls have been made very minimal. You will get a Joystick Pad and one more control option to perform actions, and by using these two keys you have to control the game character. The controls are very sensitive that it can perform action in single tap. I have played so many multiplayer online games and by comparing their controls’ layout with this, I came to conclusion that these controls are super easy to master in no time. Just learn to move your finger precisely over the Joystick, and it is done.

5 Customizable Character

The character of this game is customizable that you can customize it according to your wish and requirement how you want it to appear in the game. For decoration players can use Different characters, clothing, accessories, body, animation, emotes, and other decorating materials. The character you are choosing is fully customizable, and every part can be customized. Almost all the characters, and their movements, are very much similar to the characters of Minecraft game. If you have ever played it, I’m sure you are going to love it.

6 Make Friends

Making new friends has been always exciting and at Roblox you can make as many friends you can make while playing games with them in a team. Whenever you pick any game, there are many players from different places who are also playing at the same time, so you can simply add them and make friends online for. It is just like the other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter where you make friends, talk, and enjoy online by sitting at our own home

Roblox Mod Apk Download

What is Roblox Mod Apk?

The Roblox Mod APK is the customized version of Roblox where you get everything fully unlocked for free without making any purchase or spending money on Robux to unlock everything, and neither by playing games for hours to unlock items at every level. In this modified version we have done lots of changes which are not provided in the original version, and they are essential too for those who wants to test all the functionalities of the game but don’t have the funds to invest on games. Here are some of the exclusive features provided in this custom app designed by our developers who have done really great job to provide an amazing experience.

Mod Info

No Ads

In this application we have managed to remove all kinds of advertisements that used to appear in the game frequently which are a bit frustrating that irritates after a few moments. I know almost no one likes to play their favorite games by watching inappropriate advertisements. So here is the neat and clean version of Roblox which is not only free to use but also ad free. I wish you will love this clean UI gaming app for yourself and play favorite games without any disturbances.

Unlimited Robux

Robux is the in-game currency purchased from real money, which is not possible for everyone to spend money on purchasing Robux. There are various packages offered by the developer and each package has its own pricing depending upon the quantity of Robux offered in it. With this currency, you can purchase anything in the game and decorate your character. But our modified version gives you access to use unlimited Robux for free without purchasing any package with real money. Hope this paragraph sounds good to you that the in-game currency which has the power to purchase anything is free and unlimited in number. As it is endless, so you can use as much as to unlock anything available in the game for free.

Create Private Server For Free

The game gives you the option to create a private server, in which only those players will be able to join who have its access. But for creating a private server players will need some Robux and here in this version we have unlimited Robux, so we can easily create private server for free. In publicly available server any player who have account at this platform can enter and this might be disturbing sometimes because every player doesn’t behave properly. That’s why private server option is given for creating private access for only limited players whom we know and who know us.

Fully Unlocked

At Roblox there are lots of stuffs in the game which are locked for those users who have membership plan or their account contains Roblox. But this is a modified version, so everything that you want to use is free and fully unlocked without any issue. Suppose you want to use a locked character, item, dress, or other items then here you don’t need to pay any charge it is totally free of cost and fully unlocked. So this is going to be very, very exciting if you are interested in playing this game.

Decorate Character For Free

Whatever game you play in which a character is given, then their decorative items must be there. But to decorate them you will need to spend some real money, that’s what you do here in this app. It is giving you full access to decorate any of your in-game character, items for free without purchasing robux, premium membership or playing games for months. Just run the app, choose whatever you want to decorate.

How to Download Latest Version

Downloading the Right Roblox Mod apk is pretty tough task. There are hundreds of fake sites, who provide you wrong apk file congaing malware & viruses. To Download the Best APK File follow below steps.

  • Open Chrome Browser.
  • Type Roblox in the Address bar.
  • You will land on our website, Click on Download APK.
  • Select the latest version from the Download page.
  • Install it after download.

Our Website is 100% Safe & Secure, as we Upload only Working APK and scan all the files before uploading.

Download Roblox Mod Apk for Android


By clicking on the below download button you can easily download Roblox Mod APK and by following the below guide it can be installed if any issue occurs.

RequiredAndroid 5.0 and up

How to Install

There might be some issue in installation of this modded version, so our advice is to follow the below steps precisely and perform as it is described in each step.

  1. Download the APK file from download button
  2. Find the Roblox .apk file from file manager
  3. Enable Unknown Sources (Settings > Security > Unknown Sources)
  4. Try installing the apk file once again
  5. Run the game

Note: In case if you have already installed the app try to uninstall the original version first of all then install the modified version.


Does It Contain Advertisements?

No, the app is totally clean and doesn’t contain any kind of advertisements. We have tried to eliminate every possible advertisements that used to appear in the game.

is Modded Apk Safe to use?

Yes, It is 100% Safe and Secure. But Not Everywhere, Make sure to download the apk file from a trusted site like [] because there are many sites who provides Bad APKs.

Is It Real That I will Get Unlimited Robux?

Yes, it is real that this is having unlimited Robux in this app, because we have made it unlimited, and now you don’t need to pay for purchasing Robux from your pocket money.

Create Unlimited Private Servers For Free?

Here you get the access to create unlimited private servers for free, but in the original version you have to face restrictions.

Minimum Requirement

Roblox Mod Apk supports 99% of any Newly Launched Smartphones. But The Minimum Requirements are:
1. Android 6.0
2. 2GB Ram & 16GB Storage.
3. 2.4 GHZ
4. AT Least 1080P Display Resolution.

Is Official Site?

No, But it is the Official Site for the Modded Version of the App.

Can I Update it from Play Store?

No. As it is a Modded Version, so if you Update it through Google Play Store you will lose all the MOD Benefits.

is Roblox Mod Available for IOS Device?

No. Unfortunately This is Only for Android Phones & Tablets and not Available for iPad & iPhone Devices.

Reviews by Users

Ty Korn It’s good for all ages. If your experiencing lagging it’s your wifi. I have found no other problems with this game besides your view such as 1 person 2 and 3rd l, it does not happen all the time but when it does happen you have to rejoin its something minor so I’m not gonna complain the dedication yall put in this game is unbelievable. Thank you 😊

Emmy Bohner I love how there are multiple games on there not just one. for example, theres Piggy, Adopt Me, Jailbreak, Dragon Adventures, and many, many obbys and role-plays. My personal favorite game is Piggy. You can also friends people and join them, wich I always liked. Theres also a thing where you can costomise your charater wich is good because you can make it you, your style, and you can make it how you lile. its also a way to tell people apart becuase then you can only tell them apart by username

Cristi Roblox is so fun! There are so many games to play, something for everyone! I am an adult and I play with my kids, but there are many games I could happily play on my own! The only suggestion I have – I wish that they would implement a better refund policy. My kids have bought things they thought were for adopt me, but it was just a scammy rip-off game made by someone to trick kids and get money. So be cautious what you buy – but aside from that, Roblox Mod Apk is awesome!


In the end, I would like to conclude that the concept of cloud gaming is coming in future and I hope this is the best platform that promotes cloud gaming and giving you functionality to play games online without downloading even on slow internet connection with our friends. We also have the option to choose from hundreds of games to play by our own choice.


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